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Through pastoral counseling, individuals are guided to greater internal wholeness as well as wholeness in their relationships with others.
There are different dimensions of growth in healing.
– The mind is relieved by deliberately paying attention to destructive thinking and thinking patterns.
– The body experiences better health.
– Relationships are renewed and enriched.
– There is a deepening in relation to nature and the person’s environment.
– The relationship with God is deepened.
Pastoral counselors represent a valuable resource for psychiatric references, as they are uniquely qualified to address certain mental health issues. These issues include: forgiveness, existential issues, the sense of life … or loss and treatment of terminal illnesses.
Our pastoral counselors’ education includes a background in behavioral sciences. Clients who prefer to receive psychotherapy, reflecting their specific mental beliefs, can be assessed and treated in this environment.
Clients who struggle to process pain or loss sometimes struggle with theological questions and benefit from the therapy of a pastoral counselor. Similarly, confrontation with a chronic or terminal disease can give rise to existential questions. Pastoral counselors can investigate the meaning of suffering with the client and provide spiritual healing when medicine does not offer healing.